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Design and production
of custom-made
electronic boards
which can be integrated
IoT and artificial intelligence technologies

“Electronics from design to production”
is our motto, because we forge
a partnership along the entire supply chain.

Strategic partners for over 50 years

In 2020, Elettrograf technology proudly joined Atex Industries, a company that has been operating in electronics for over 50 years, and now there is the Xelet division.
We deal with the design and development of electronic boards, intended for various industrial sectors. A strategic partner of leading companies, with its custom-designed, engineered and built devices, Xelet has formed part of the soul of its customers’ products every day for over 50 years, bringing to life their functionality and contributing to their success in the market.

Xelet is a UNI EN ISO 9000 certified company that is always cutting edge. By developing the design idea according to customer needs, it defines in every detail the technological structure of the devices and engineers their construction right up to achieving the final product, optimising costs and reducing time to market.

Our parent company

Atex Industries, to which Xelet belongs , through an ambitious innovation project, is now a leading international technology brand.
It appears on the market in four divisions, all interlinked by the theme of electronic design, development of IoT technologies for the connection of devices with local and remote control, integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Atex Industries divisions

Design and production of boards and electronic devices with high-tech content.

Made in Italy design and production of lithium battery packs, motor drivers and Controller Interface, for technological applications.

Design and supply of electronic devices for energy management and security.

Design and supply of temperature controllers for the medical, hospitality and industrial sectors.

Atex Industries is a subsidiary of VeNetWork Spa, an exemplary network of entrepreneurs from Triveneto, an original model atnational level, which, by investing in “business talents” offers support for the development of innovative ideas, projects and companies.

VeNetWork Spa is a joint stock company with private capital that is set up as an accelerator of productiveand financial opportunities. It brings together 62 Venetian entrepreneurs who, altogether, manage about 200 companies, employing 8,000 people, in 90 countries around the world. They are all driven by the desire to do more for their local area, supporting and developing projects with great potential.

Do you have total control to
manage your product yourself?

Having the necessary hardware and software technical documentation allows you to be independent from your supplier and produce, test and manage the product yourself.

Not having total control of the product can lead to dependence on the supplier and generate extremely difficult and risky situations for your company.

Our test lets you find out if you have all the necessary requirements and identify your margins for improvement.


Evolution is exceeding your limits

Xelet’s goal is to push the boundaries of standard models, through both hardware and software innovation. Quality, flexibility and great service are the driving forces behind Xelet’s staff each and every day, meaning they play a vital role in the company.


Exceptional Made in Italy solutions

We firmly believe in the value of Made in Italyand this is why the entire supply chain of our design and production of boards, systems and electronic products has always been located in Italy.
Research, investment in technology and continuous staff training are the values that guide each of our projects, thus allowing us to offer excellent solutions swiftly and with a service perfectly integrated into the customer’s production system.

Create your project

Our team is made up of talented design engineers and brilliant salespeople who work in synergy with each other.


Do you have total control to manage your product?

Our IoT Technologies

Our projects

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