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District Heating

Electronic system for the management
of district heating substations

The customer

The company, which contacted us, deals with district heating, that is, systems for the remote transport of heat, to heat, cool and produce domestic hot water. The thermal energy is generated by cogeneration plants and the heat produced is then introduced into the distribution network and to the housing units.

The request

The company needed to manage substations, installed in the individual homes and in particular to:

  • Control pumps and motorised valves
  • Detect the temperature
  • Obtain information and data on the system and its operation

Xelet’s solution

To meet these requests, we created an electronic system with:

  • PT100 probe, for temperature detection
  • Display with clock and calendar, for displaying information
  • Keypad for alarm management and programming

In addition, the system is equipped with a serial port for remote supervision through IoT.

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