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Electric vehicles

Device for the control and command
of the entire fleet ofvehicles

The customer

The company, which contacted us, produces electric vehicles for the amusement park sector.

The request

The company needed to control, also remotely, the entire fleet of electric vehicles in its catalogue and set predefined behaviours, to be activated in particular situations.

Xelet’s solution

To meet these requests, we created an electronic system with advanced intelligence, whose main features are:

  • Interaction through graphical touch screen display.
  • Driver for 2 DC or Brushless motors with Hall sensors, for speed and direction adjustment, with currents up to 60A (peak power up to 2.8Kw).
  • Bidirectional remote control via remote control equipped with mini-Joystick.
  • Bluetooth module for communication with smartphones.
  • Infrared data transmission/reception on 4 channels for detection/communication with other devices.
  • Floor detection on 4 points, to activate a fall prevention system with automatic reverse
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope on three axes, for the detection of collisions with other vehicles.
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors, for the detection of obstacles up to 2.5m and tracking of perimeters. Sensors allow you to decelerate until you stop the vehicle before it hits obstacles.
  • Drive by wire self-driving, for automatic return to the parking area.
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