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Firefighting pressurisation systems

Electronic device
for starting motor pumps
in an emergency

The customer

The company, which contacted us, focuses on firefighting pressurisation systems, used to protect civil, industrial, commercial and historical buildings. The electric jockey pump ensures the water pressure in fire suppression systems remains constant, but it automatically enters into operation to compensate for any system leaks.

The request

The company needed to start the motor pump in the pressurisation system, when the necessary conditions occurred, and to activate the appropriate procedures in an emergency, even remotely.

Xelet’s solution

To meet these requests, we created an electronic device that:

  • Based on the preset parameters, activates the motor pumps
  • Keeps the operating parameters under control, thanks to external sensors
  • Also remotely activates the safety procedures during the emergency


In addition, the device reports:

  • Battery voltage.
  • Current circulating between the battery chargers and the batteries.
  • Motor revs alarm.
  • Manual and automatic operation.
  • Motor revs speed.
  • Low fuel alarm.
  • No mains voltage.
  • Low oil pressure.
  • Generator alarm.
  • High temperature alarm.
  • Attempt to start the motor pump with battery 1.
  • Attempt to start the motor pump with battery 2.

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