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Medical devices

Devices and electronic boards
for infrared welding and curing machines

The customer

The company, which contacted us, produces professional devices for the medical sector, in particular for the dental sector. The request focused on infrared welding and curing machines for baking acrylic resins.

The request

The company needed:

For the welding machine:
an infrared brazing on precious metals and high-temperature, vile alloys, without direct flame to avoid oxidation of the metals.

For curing:
automation of the water cooking of the muffles, avoiding contact between the materials to be treated and the combustion products with the heat sources.

Xelet’s solution

To meet these requests:

For the welding machine we developed an electronic device that:

  • Allows spot weldingin an argon environment of the metal structure to be welded.
  • Produces thermal energy through a sophisticated infrared optical system, capable of generating a maximum temperature of 1350°C.
  • Focuses thermal energy in a welding area with a diameter of one centimetre.
  • Receives commands from an encoder for temperature adjustment.
  • Controlsthe automation of machine operating sequences.
  • Receives the movement commands from the joystick.

For curing we developed electronic boards that:

  • measure the temperature with a PT1000 probe.
  • Report the temperature maintenance time
  • Command an electrical heating element.
  • Measure the water level.
  • Are equipped with a clock-calendar with a back-up battery.
  • Program and select functions via a rotary encoder.
  • Enable showing the data on the LCD display.

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