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Welding machines

Automation of
rotary table positioners

The customer

The company, which contacted us, manufactures professional machines for welding.
The request focused in particular on rotary table positioners. The circular-shaped part to be welded is fixed on these devices.

The request

The company needed to automate the working of the positioners, activating the automatic cycle but also allowing manual mode.

Xelet’s solution

To meet these requests, we developed an electronic control that:

  • Lets the central piston (tailstock) lower and lock the part to be welded
  • To the torch holder armto position itself on the welding start point
  • Starts welding
  • Turns on automatic rotation after a preset delay
  • Adjusts rotation angle and speed
  • Starts, if necessary, the overlapping phase (welding resumes in the opposite direction) with a presettable angle.
saldatura automatica

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